Sap master data management

Impact your master data at scale

Bad SAP master data and slow, ungoverned processes cost your business dearly. Yet, only a fraction of your master data is proactively and efficiently managed.

Empower your business teams to improve data quality and streamline master data processes across your SAP landscape—and deliver maximum business impact from your ERP investment.

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Improve how you manage all your SAP master data

Get data right the first time

Speed up data creation and maintenance

Standardize and control processes

Get more done with business-led, IT-enabled solutions.

Improve data quality and accelerate business processes across your SAP landscape, not just materials, customers, vendors, and finance, with automated solutions that eliminate manual data entry via the SAP GUI. Learn how business teams use SAP-enabled Excel workbooks or web forms to work faster and get data right the first time.

Make an impact on all your SAP master data:
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From accelerating the day-to-day data maintenance of materials, BoMs, and other SAP product data, to digitizing your product launch processes, Winshuttle solutions give your business the speed and agility needed to compete in a dynamic, competitive landscape.

Learn how to manage your materials and SAP product data better

Start taking orders faster, reduce downstream shipping and billing errors, and have happier customers by speeding up SAP customer master create and change requests, while improving data accuracy and compliance.

Manage your customer master data better

Receive goods faster, reduce downstream receiving and invoice payment issues, and improve supplier relations by speeding up SAP vendor master create and change requests, while improving data accuracy and compliance.

Learn how to manage your vendor master data better

Empower business teams to keep their master data current and accurate with powerful Excel-based solutions that can create or update thousands of records in a matter of minutes. Learn how people without SAP programming skills can create new SAP-enabled Excel solutions with a simple 3-step process and validate data before posting to SAP.

Learn how to speed up master data maintenance

Need a hub to manage core master data fields across systems of record?

Impact your master data processes at scale

There’s much more to SAP master data than materials, customers, vendors, and finance. Discover how to make the maximum impact across your SAP landscape by taking a new approach to master data management.

Empower business or IT teams to streamline processes and improve data quality and get the agility you need to keep pace with an increasingly dynamic business environment.

Discover a better way to manage your SAP master data.

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Get SAP master data right the first time and keep it right

Empower business teams to steward their master data using SAP-enabled Excel workbooks and forms with built-in data guardrails.

From preventing duplicate records with smart search features to using form logic to pre-populate data according to your business rules, Winshuttle provides a comprehensive range of data stewardship capabilities to bring your data governance policies to life.

Learn how to impact your master data quality at scale

Get more control and visibility

Your SAP master data business processes can be complex, with multiple business teams supplying and approving data. Build powerful workflow solutions with Winshuttle software to standardize and control your processes, reduce cycle times, and keep everyone in the process informed.

Give management visibility into the status of in-process requests and the ability to view historical data via dashboards built with your reporting tool of choice.

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Capitalize fast on M&A activity

To maximize the benefit from your mergers and acquisitions, you need to migrate data between systems and merge business processes quickly.

Recruit people in the business to speed up the SAP data migration process using Excel-based solutions and build forms and workflow solutions that easily flex to accommodate new processes.

Learn how Engie UK uses Winshuttle software to accelerate data migration activities after acquiring companies.

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We no longer require two months to make a small change in SAP. That makes us more agile as an enterprise—which adds to our competitive advantage.

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