Financial Accounting

Enterprise Journal Entry Solution

The Winshuttle Enterprise Journal Entry solution helps enterprises like yours, struggling with an overwhelming number of journal entries for their SAP general ledger. With the Enterprise Journal Entry solution, you improve your ability to manage massive amounts of financial data while simultaneously improving governance, data quality, and employee productivity.

Automate journal entry workflows

Manage massive number of entries in short close window

Centralized review and approval tracking

How it works


Consolidate a massive number of journal entries using Excel and validate against SAP


Multi-level review and approval workflow is centrally managed and tracked


Approved files are automatically queued for auto-posting to SAP

4-Ways SAP journal entry bottlenecks affect your business…and how to eliminate them

Benefits of the Winshuttle Enterprise Journal Entry solution:

  • Continue to work in Excel for greater productivity
  • Implement review and approval workflows to improve compliance
  • Scale to meet seasonal needs and business growth with current staffing levels
  • Eliminate manual data entry into SAP to increase productivity and data accuracy
  • Get the right workflow solution faster by reducing dependence on IT

What were once dreaded and laborious journal entries, are now user-friendly and easy to organize.... We have saved so much time that we consider Winshuttle worth the cost just for the journal entry input.

Assistant Controller
Global Oil & Gas Company