SAP Information Technology

Deliver more value to the business

Empower the business to streamline SAP processes and improve data quality without compromising security and control—enabling your core SAP IT team to work on strategic projects and your organization to get the most from your ERP investment and projects budget.

Get better results, faster for less cost than traditional IT tools

Accelerate SAP projects

Scale up the impact of your SAP improvement initiatives

Use one platform to streamline processes and improve data quality across your SAP landscape

What you can do with our software

Speed up mass data creation and maintenance

Empower people in the business or your data ops team to build Excel-based solutions that speed up mass create and update tasks for master and transactional data, eliminating manual data entry via the SAP GUI and requests for LSMW projects from your team.

Learn more about our data movement solutions

Winshuttle software compared to LSMW

Streamline S/4HANA implementation and data migration

Whether you are implementing SAP S/4HANA for the first time or migrating from an older SAP system, Winshuttle software can ease your journey and speed up operations when you’re up and running.

You can also recruit the business to help with data migration projects to get the job done faster, minimize work for your IT team, and improve data quality.

Learn how to ease your transition to S/4HANA

Best practices for your transition to SAP S/4HANA: Read the white paper

Streamline any business process — master data or transactional

Build powerful workflow solutions that speed up data collection processes and improve data quality without the need for ABAP or other technical SAP programming skills.

Business teams use web forms or Excel workbooks to supply or approve data and follow defined processes to improve compliance.

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Learn about our workflow solutions

Quickly build Excel-based ad hoc reports

Give your power users and data ops teams an easy way to build ad hoc reports that can query multiple SAP tables—no SQVI or other technical programming skills required.

Business users access the reports via Excel workbooks to get the information they need to make better decisions, while your IT team can define granular policies, such as table-level access controls and how much data can be downloaded, when, and by whom.

Learn about our ad hoc reporting functionality

Make a big impact on data quality and governance

Empower data owners to get data right the first time and clean up existing bad data fast.

Winshuttle provides a range of data stewardship capabilities that enable business teams to bring your data governance policies to life.

Learn about our data stewardship capabilities

Deploy Robotic Process Automation built for SAP

Since 2003, Winshuttle has provided SAP-specific Robotic Process Automation capabilities as part of a comprehensive data management and process automation platform.

If the process you’re automating involves SAP, learn why Winshuttle solutions are the obvious choice.

Learn about our SAP-specific RPA capabilities

Maintain control of what the business can do with SAP

Empower business teams while keeping granular control over who can do what with Winshuttle software through our User Governance solution and easily audit who did what and when through the Winshuttle platform.

Winshuttle software fully respects SAP permissions, only allowing users to do what their SAP credentials allow.

Learn about our User Governance capabilities

How the business-led, IT-enabled process works

Budgets are tight, demand from the business is increasing, and your department isn’t growing. Get more projects done and deliver value faster by deploying SAP data management and process automation solutions built for the business and approved by IT—all for a fraction of the cost and time associated with traditional IT-centric tools and SI engagements.


Winshuttle Admin

  • Control licenses, oversee usage, define policies, run audit reports
  • Are typically in IT or are solution authors

Solution Authors

  • Use Winshuttle software to author solutions
  • Roll out solutions to business users
  • Are typically SAP analysts, SAP super users, or data team members
  • Don’t require specialized SAP technical coding skills

Business Users

  • Use SAP-enabled Excel workbooks or web forms to create, change, view, or approve SAP data
  • No longer need to use the SAP GUI

Make an impact across your SAP landscape with a single platform

Deploy a single platform that empowers business teams across your organization to improve any SAP master data or transactional processes—enabling your SAP programmers to focus on strategic projects.

Learn about our line of business solutions

Scale the impact of your SAP improvement initiatives

We save around $1.9 Million per year in avoided programming, reduced data entry workload costs, and Service Level Agreement (SLA) costs. Most importantly, we have given our users a tool that enhances their productivity and the accuracy of the data in our systems.

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