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2019 · News article

How the robots are taking on manual journal entries

The ability to effectively streamline SAP financial data entry processes is a dream for most financial teams. Less time spent manually collating and managing data and numbers means more available time to spend on analysing figures and delivering greater business insights.

2019 · News article

Financial Shared Services and How to Avoid the Inefficiency Trap

In large corporations, it is becoming increasingly common to find multiple finance functions amalgamated into one financial shared services centre. The shared services model can help corporate finance teams meet their efficiency targets but avoiding the inefficiency trap caused by moving and transforming financial data into one place is essential if the business is going to meet strict efficiency targets.

2019 · News article

Key Considerations for Migrating Your SAP Finance Operations to SAP S/4HANA

Finance is core to your business, and migrating your finance operations to SAP S/4HANA is among the most crucial components of the transition. Many SAP customers are voicing some apprehension about making the move, not sure of what is in store for them and how best to prepare for the shift. This article focuses on two areas we find are causing some concern among Winshuttle customers: implementing the material ledger and moving to account-based profitability analysis.

2019 · News article

Tackling Data to Remain Relevant

This article in European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer magazine examines the changing drug landscape and why pharmaceutical companies need to go digital with their data.

2019 · News article

RPA: Promise vs. Reality

SAPinsider published an article from Winshuttle's Andrew Hayden on why an SAP-Specific Robotic Process Automation Solution Is a Must-Have in Your Portfolio.

2018 · Press release

New Whitepaper from Winshuttle Reveals Best Practice for Transition to SAP S/4HANA

Bothell, Washington – August 13, 2018 –  Winshuttle has launched a new whitepaper aimed at sharing best practice with organizations as they migrate to SAP S/4HANA. Written in association with Uğur Hasdemir, an independent SAP S/4HANA consultant, the whitepaper is full of advice for SAP users no matter where they are at in their migration journey: starting to plan their move, or in the process of transitioning to the new platform. According to analyst group Gartner, by 2020 35% of SAP’s customer base will be running on S/4HANA. However, many SAP users are confused about the different deployment options available,... Read more

2018 · News article

Empower the Business for a Better SAP S/4HANA Migration

SAPinsider published an article from Winshuttle's Jorge Ruiz and Vikram Chalana showing how Winshuttle can help ease your journey to S/4HANA and empower business teams to stay engaged throughout the migration.

2018 · News article

3 Tips for a Successful SAP S/4HANA Migration

SAPinsider published an article from Winshuttle's Jorge Ruiz that shows how you can help your company execute a successful transition to SAP S/4HANA and realize the benefits of real-time data access more quickly.

2017 · News article

Streamline Budgeting and Planning with Accurate, Timely Data

SAPinsider published an article from Winshuttle's Bob Glitch who shows how to overcome your budgeting and planning challenges in SAP using automated solutions to speed up budgeting cycles and enable more in-depth analysis and decision making.

2017 · News article

Data Quality Matters

SAPinsider published an article from Winshuttle's Isreal Rosales that explains why it’s important to maintain high-quality SAP supply chain data, and how you can apply continuous improvements to SCM processes.

Let's face it, if your company manages a lot of information in SAP databases and you’re a control freak who’s tired of typing mistakes, Winshuttle is the option. You can do it in minutes.

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