New Product Introduction

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NPI for Food & Beverage

The rise of the millennials, disruptive market entrants, and rapidly changing technology are transforming the food and beverage industry. To thrive in this new world, you’ll need to launch new products at unprecedented levels of scale. Don’t let your manual SAP processes slow you down.

Learn how to digitize and accelerate your launches

NPI for Manufacturing

Manufacturers across all sectors are under pressure to innovate, get to market faster and gain the agility needed to compete with new business models and more nimble competitors. In this dynamic landscape, every day in your launch cycle counts.

Learn how to digitize your launches and get to market faster

Learn about the state of SAP product launch processes.

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Given the disruptive forces at play, competing and achieving new growth will demand manufacturers to innovate new products and adapt business models at a faster pace and on a larger scale than ever before.